Blood is your life and it controls your existance.

Blood is conductive.
It is the wiring in your body.
So is the CSF.
CSF is the cerebral spinal fluid surrounding your brain and spinal cord.
Your brain is hollow.The ventrical cavities within are filled with CSF.

Next time you put your smartphone in your shirt pocket or bra think about this!

Sperm are produced externally on most mammals.
Boys , your sperm is being micro-spammed when you use your smartphone on your lap!

This link suggests sperm counts are down 50%--------MORE

The egg is exposed to the external environment on most mammals.
Ladies , pussy is not purring like she wants to when you use your smartphone on your lap.

Most mobile creatures have eyes.

Your eyes are directly wired to multiple locations in your brain.
The optic nerve can act as a wave guide to microwave energy similar to a fiber optic cable.

Microwave energy can be reflected/focused by the bone eye sockets into the eyes or
enter into the skull via openings.

Most mobile creatures have a hearing system that flows thru an opening in the skull.

Most mammals have appendages similar to fingers that are used for survival.

Skin is punctuated with many openings and has different thickness and flexibilities and cuts,bruises,warts,zits,etc.
Those telling you that microwave energy is non-ionizing and therefore non-penetrating
have mysteriously not noticed this.

When you use a smartphone you electromagnetically stimulate your brain
via the "wiring" from your hands,lips,genitals,etc.

This is affecting your brain's reward center with a subconscious high similar to that from caffeine,nicotine,alcohol,cocaine,etc.
You can be addicted to this.
Using a cellphone to talk exposes and induces the "wiring" surrounding your brain to unnatural electromagnetic energy from the aerial and the computer electronics.

Your lungs,stomach,and internals are exposed.
You are build like a donut.

Microwave energy can be guided down into you.

Your olefactory sense receptors punctuate thru your skull into the brain
via openings in your upper nasal passage.