Microwave Towers are gently "cooking"

the unborn- in mommy's little tummy ovens- across the planet!

A picture of a human embryo floating in water inside its mother's

little tummy oven.




The water surrounding life is being cooked.

The molecules creating life are being disturbed.

The genetic processes creating life are being disturbed.

Baby's little skull is wide open to the effects of microwaves 24/7.

Baby's little brain cell's are being cooked.

Children are taking the heat from microwave tower radiation.

The forces from microwave electromagnetic energy
are increasing the probability of genetic errors.

Here is a spectrum analysis chart taken at the entrance
to a children's hospital in a small sized city
in the frequency range from 2 ghz to 3 ghz.

Here is a spectrum analysis chart taken from a medium sized household microwave oven centered around
the standard operating frequency of 2.45 ghz.
The negative numerical values shown are in relation to a 0 db signal
-the smaller the number the stronger is the signal.

Children are being born into an electromagnetic environment that is similar in levels
to what can be found looking into your microwave oven.