These towers and our smartphones and digital electronics
are heating the atmosphere in a manner
unnatural to the planet and disturbing the solar balance.

The rotational motion imparted to these molecules by human generated
microwave frequency emissions is increasing their kinetic energy.


The radiation from digital electronics and communication lines/wiring
is similarily affecting the natural and human produced
atmospheric chemistry.

All digital electronic devices generate microwave frequency
electromagnetic energy which induces the flow of electrons in their
AC power lines wiring which in turn induce the flows in the communication wiring and all conductors surrounding them which in turn re-radiate a portion of this energy.
A computer acts as a "radio" transmitter and the wiring as its antenna.

All matter conducts by degree-living or not.

We have been inadvertantly electric "heating" the planet for a century!

This is the spectrum from the 80's



Cities can be viewed as volcanos
spewing up heat & pollution smoke -"dust"- within a plume of electromagnetic energy.

This article is from the early 80's pre-wireless,digital era.

The AC power line grid radiation is heating the
resistive conductors in the crust of the planet.



The natural properties of the states of water are being disturbed by this
microwave frequency kinetic energy and
evaporation and melting and its cohesiveness are being affected.
Cloud droplets are being shaken and rain drop formations being weakened
by our microwave generated electromagnetic forces.
Plants depend on water molecules sticking together and their surface tension properties
to pull their water and minerals up to the leaves from the soil.

Our microwave frequency energy is causing
unnatural evaporation and melting
of snow and ice on the surface and in the atmosphere.