The power grid wiring and communications networks are now infiltrated with all that is generated by these towers.
Also building structural steel, re-bar, metal coverings, metal window framing, metal furniture and cabinetry and shelving and equipment are buzzing away with the same.
Also forks, knives, pots, pans, money - keys in your pocket, belt buckles, dental work,surgery utensils,piercings, jewelry, doorknobs, hinges, drywall screws, nails, etc. guitar and piano strings, are all playing their tune.

In fact all matter conducts by degree so all matter is infected.
***** 24hours/7days a week/365days a year/decades/centuries*****

Here is an article that will show measured "hot spots" inside a metal shipping container

Your food is now being pre-micro-cooked on its delivery to your store
as well as in your fridge,oven,open cans,etc. as they are acting as cavity resonators.

Using a cellphone within your car or driving by a cellphone tower or by anyone using a cellphone
is doing the same to your molecular biology.

Flying in an airplane,driving in a bus,standing in an elevator,working or shopping in a metal sided building
likewise is doing the same to your molecular biology.
In fact the wiring grid and communication lines are acting like a very large passive radiator
from the flow of charge induced by all this
and all life is being micro-cooked.