Across the country we are seeing the growth of grotesque looking
cellphone microwave towers
poking up into the heavans and spewing out an invisible mix of
electro-smog poison in the service of mankind!
We are led to believe these are necessary for the health of our economy!
We have been assured that these radiate low-levels of microwaves
which are
non-ionizing, non-penetrating and harmless to health!
Those profiting from these have been given our government's blessing
and permission to put these anywhere they want.
Our tax dollars have been used to finance them.

microwave frequency energy disturbs all electrosensitive biology in an adverse health manner

  CELLPHONE MICROWAVE TOWERS radiate electromagnetic energy in the same frequency range that is used in a microwave oven to cook your food
microwave oven information

microwave oven information
  Typically-600 watts of microwave frequency energy is radiated into an oven's metal enclosure which heats the food internally-quickly.It has to be rotated on a turntable to cook it evenly because reflections off it's parallel metal surfaces can create standing wave hot spots
within the heterogeneous bio-matter-we call dinner!
..........due to the constructive addition of energy from reflections and interference effects.
The longer it gets zapped the hotter it gets..

  The food's molecular structure is stimulated and this motion increases its kinetic energy.
It's temperature is a measure of it's molecular motion and energy.
The water content is most easily affected however all molecules are disturbed and distorted by the electromagnetic forces of attraction and repulsion created by this microwave energy.

Water is a small molecule which because of it's assymetric structure is electrically polarised.It is naturally dipolar like a compass needle and can be rotated in a gaseous or liquid state by the unnatural microwave frequency forces.
All living organisms on the planet are composed of cells which are mostly water.
-Life is encased in Water.
-It is a crucial and a vital part of the metabolism and bio-chemistry of all life.
-It is the main ingredient in the eco-system we have evolved in.
-Living organisms drink and breathe it to survive.
Water is sacred.... It is alive.... It is the MOTHER of NATURE
The chemistry of life is being disturbed by this un-natural
rotational motion and kinetic energy - now imparted to water molecules.

We have been micro-heating the planet for about 3 decades.
We are living within a micro wave techno toaster.
The result is a twisted Atomic tango.

  --------------------------------------------A shake, shimmy, rock'n roll!====================

The water in all grass,leaves,and flowers surrounding you are grooving
to the downloaded downbeat
of your I-Tunes and are being
Electrically stimulated ...listening to your witty,twity,celly-tweets.

Microwave towers are slowly micro cooking
the electrosensitive nature of life.
We are enshrouded and enslaved in

......Microwave Electromagnetic

...........They are Doom to the health of life!

  These microwave towers are similarily increasing the internal energy and disorder of all matter and chemistry on the planet in an un-natural manner.
Life has evolved within the natural cosmic microwave backgound which is much
than what we are now being forced to live in

water is responsible for the health of all life
  Read ... this ... and learn how microwaves affect water molecules
water is responsible for the health of all life
  Read ... this ... it will explain how it is creating chaos-ENTROPY


water is responsible for the health of all life

Those living or working closest to these towers are most at risk however we all are affected by way of this infection being induced into the power and communication wiring systems.
We are living, working, playing within a


If you are of the belief that microwave energy is harmless because it can't "ionize"


This will shock you!


These articles will explain this further.......

Microwave Danger Zone


There is a process called ELECTROPORATION where a nano-second pulse of voltage is applied across a cell. The electrical field from nsEP
are applied across a cell.........


They are also responsible for recycling and maintaining
the nitogen balance in the atmosphere.
  These un-countable and invisible life support organisms ...........
are being stressed,strained and are shaking all over!

from the molecular distortions,deformations,and displacements
as the result of these unnatural Electromagnetic forces
  The soil they live in and create life from is composed of ions
surrounded by water-an electrolyte-which is a conductor.
Their natural motions and interactions are being similarily disturbed....

Mother Nature's Micro-biology is being micro-cooked by mankind's micro-minded utilization of microwave radiation
This will explain why and how....




Humanity's -smart mind- creations of world wide wireless wonders have been disturbing the natural electromagnetic balance and stressing
the cells of all living organisms 24/7 for decades with
invisible electromagnetic forces EMF

At any given micro-instant in any random micro-location a
hot spot

which is
the sum total of all the spectrum now "coloring" the sky can create a
monster spike pulse
from the combined interference effects from
the superposition......of many,many,many

Reflections - from all conductors surrounding you
Standing waves - between metal coverings,siding,buildings, etc.
Cavity resonance effects - in automobiles,buses,elevators,etc.
Modulation effects-generation of harmonics,distortions,etc.

Lighting strikes up to 100 times a second worldwide!

RADAR--Weather,military,aeronautical,satelite mapping and sensing,nautical(commercial and pleasure craft) --all send out micro second pulses hundreds of times a second.
ALL living organisms now have kilos of watts of radar microwaves bouncing off the heavens and micro-cooking them and their meals.

and...... less we forget the multitudes of microwave ovens broadcasting their taste thru the power grid wiring antenna!
Emissions from the worldwide power line grids have been emitting a wide spectrum of electromagnetic hum.
24 hrs a day -7
days a week for more than a century! and......
Radio,television.CB'S, etc.




The longer the wires,the greater the current,the higher the frequencies.....
the greater is the energy radiated.

We are living within a giant antenna that
radiates all and intercepts all that our life style emits.

The sum total of all at any random instant can create a
monster spike-y wave
a nano-second electromagnetic pulse

located across or within the cell of any living organism.
The same electromagnetic energy that is causing the motion of electrons
in your cellphone antenna is causing the motion of charges in
every conductor surrounding you!
living or not!

Decades of research in molecular biology have shown that molecular structure
is all important for normal function and balance within cells.
Everything is designed to fit like a key in a lock.
All systems are symbiotically interlinked and interdependent.

The molecuar structure of life is wiggling,wobbling ,jiggling,jostleing by the EMF from this

The microwave energy radiated from these towers is interfering with and destabilising the electrosensitive balance of life's natural molecular shape and structure.
is being electrically stimulated.........

Those making their fortune putting this here
are suffering the same misfortune as all living here.

*Wavelengths in the microwave range are similar to human scaled dimensions and readily couple and interact with biological matter.
*Different locations on and in your body can be bio-entrained to a different electric potential and magnetic polarity than what is normal.
This randomly fluctuates billions of times a second.
*Living organisms do not have the senses to be consciously aware of
this unnatural environmental electromagnetic
....................... heath infection.......................

Mother Nature's bio-molecular order is being
molested and stressed by human nature.
is being gunned and stunned by the rays sprayed from these towers and their cellphone artilliary.
SHE is being subdued by an out of the natural world
alien invasion.

  molecular interactions from microwave frequency energy

The bio-chemistry of life is now being disturbed,distorted,destabilised,disordered by cellphones and their microwave towers


The guesstimated safe level of exposure to these towers fails to take all this into account.
The physiological differences between infants,children and the elderly
have been deemed non-important.
We are all mentally wired differently and have different electrosensitivity- tolerances.

..What is the safe level for junior
as he is gently micro roasted
in mommy's little tummy oven
having his genetic development processes
micro disordered?


It also does not take into consideration the combined interactions from----
* The multitudes of other simultaneous smart phone users mixed with the background exposures from these towers and thousands of satelites
and millions of digital electronics and the ever increasing
wireless gadgets we are routinely utilizing in our daily lives.
* Nor does it factor in the physics of superposition and constructive interference from reflections and standing waves off parallel metal surfaces
and the resonances and sum and difference products and
modulation effects ALL of which add to create millionth of a second
"hot-spots" with instantaneous levels many times greater than average.
Automobiles,buses,airplanes,trains,fridges,ovens,metal sided buildings,elevators
are all cavity resonatorssa







info on physics of EMFwaves   waves

  * Nor does it consider the body exposure from holding these mini computers to your eyes, ears,hands, lips,etc --the closer you are the stronger are the forces ---

info on internl effects of EMF
* You are basically micro cooking your reproductive organs when using one of these death Ray generators on your lap or if it's in your pants pocket while the power is on.Likewise keeping it on in your shirt pocket or bra has a probability
of interfering with timing of your heart beats........more, more and much

MUCH info on ow this interacts inside a body
* The electromagnetic energy these radiate can stimulate the "reward" center
in your brain in a manner similar to addictive drugs.---

Addiction from electric stimulation
* The touchscreens are made with the element indium which is known to be
toxic and unnatural in living organisms ---

exposure to the unnatural element indium
  Nor does it allow for its complex effects as a co-promoter in reactions with all the other un-natural air, water, and food chemicals pollution-poison we now routinely consume.

The regulatory safe level has been created more for consumer convienience than concern!
"It makes more dollars than sense "
This has been used to advantage by the telecommunication industries and their associates with total disregard to other known demonstrated possibilities or the longterm effects of constant whole body exposure to the normal complex balance of the bioelectromagnetic nature of life.








  A century of research into the damaging effects from the exposure to the higher frequency ionizing energies known as X-rays has shown -
*that children and the elderly are most at risk
*that the reproductive organs are the most sensitive of all
*that the DNA molecules which controls the cells of your body and in .the myriad of other living organisms are most vulnerable to damage .from it's higher energy electromagnetic forces.
*that the longterm effects seen after its initial ionizing type of damage ..can take decades to appear as a health concern
*that exposure is cumulative and many small doses over time can do ..the same as exposure to one large dose received in an instant.
*that exposure has been seen to shorten the life span of organisms.

This can not all be fully explained at present.









It has been demonstrated that the electromagnetic energy from cellphone use may possibly be implicated in certain types of brain cancer.
These towers are a higher powered source of thousands of conversations spread out over a larger frequency spectrum.
A commonly used excuse that cell phone users don't have a greater brain cancer incidence than the general public fails to take into account this obvious continual exposure to all.
Cancer is believed to be the result of an alteration to the DNA molecule within a cell interfering with it's ability to control its normal growth functions or the immune system's ability to control it's proliferation.
Cancer has also been linked to exposure to numerous known carcinogenic solids, liquids and gases as well as viruses and higher frequency electromagnetic energy and radioactive materials.

Nature is being disturbed by microwaves
The effects of this manmade and unnatural energy on the
MILLIONS of other species

is virtually
Nature is being disturbed by microwaves
Nature is being disturbed by microwaves
Nature is being disturbed by microwave

Microwave towers typically transmit 50 times or more the power emitted by an
average 1 watt cellphone.
They do this continuously as traffic demands 24 hours every day of the year for nearly 3 decades.
An electric signal broadcast at 2.5 Ghz a second has 40,000,000 times more energy
than the same at the standard AC line frequency of 6o hz a second.
Energy is directly proportional to frequency.


Temperature is a measure of random molecular motion....kinetic energy
info on microwave energy and frequency

The electromagnetic energy that these towers radiate can induce and stimulate
the flow of current in all the conductors surrounding them as well.
Current is the flow of charged particles -electrons,protons,ions,and charged molecules.
Ions dissolved in water are known as electrolytes.It conducts a current
All matter conducts by degree.
Any time a charge-electron,proton,ion,charged molecule
is accelerated or de-accelerated.
it radiates electromagnetic energy.
The conductors in turn act as passive antennas generating their own radiated energy which by way of their geometry can amplify and focus this in a
constantly changing frequency dependent manner.
The higher the frequency and longer the conducter and the larger the current
the greater is the energy that they can radiate.






how antennas work

Everything interacts because all matter is electromagnetically glued together.
This creates a complex interplay between the
electromagnetic forces of attraction and repulsion.
A molecular mosh pit. All matter is affected by degree.
Nature is continuously being being micro BIT-ten and BYTE-ed by our metal creations.

She is being electromagnetically excited!

EMF info

The energy from microwave towers is believed to be responsible for some of the temperature
increase from GLOBAL WARMING

The Broadcast Theory will help explain some of this


..Our wireless communication frenzy and the billions of cellphones, digital electronics, internet distribution systems in the northern hemisphere are similarily causing the motional micro-heating of water on the surface and atmosphere.........Slowly but surely?
We have been inadvertently electrically heating the atmosphere and surface geology for decades from our power line grid resistance losses and the same in their connected electronics.
..This as well as the heat from -our cooking,-our refridgeration,-our heating,-our air-conditioning,-our engines,-our machinery,- and friction losses from our motorized motions.
Microwave frequency current is now being wirelessly induced to flow in all conductors and is confined and flows thru a greater resistance of its outer surfaces by way of
THE SKIN EFFECT .This is micro heating all metals!







This is all believed to be causing the north pole to melt faster than the south pole because most industrialized countries are in the northern hemisphere (in which 90% of the world's population resides) and this warm air is carried northward by way of atmospheric air currents..................................................... much,much



The natural properties of water-evaporation,melting,cohesion,adhesion,surface tension,hydration-are being influenced,disturbed and unbalanced by the electromagnetic forces generated by mankind's wireless inventions which are stressing,straining,stretching,rotating,vibrating the outer surface molecules and increasing the probability of them breaking free of the bonds holding them to their inner lattice neighbours to the freedom of motion as an existance as vapour.
It can interfere with the bonding of water molecules to condensation nuclei and the formation of water droplets and snowflakes and the melting of snow and ice.
All solids and liquids of manmade or natural origin are also being similarily affected by varying frequency degree which can increase corrosion,thermal stresses micro cracking, and disintegration-moreso in the heat of human influenced globally warmed summer.

Higher temperatures cause increased evaporation from plants and trees which increases the transpiration or upward flow of water from their roots to their leaves.
This process is dependent on the interconnective electromagnetic bonding of water molecules into a chain within their cellular tubing system.
.................................................................................the tension cohesion theory



They are also under the alignment and upward motional influence from the varying
330 kilovolt electric field between the ionosphere and the surface of the earth.
The average tree has a weather dependent varying potential of 1500 volts
from it's top to it's roots.

This all creates an upward suction type force which pulls the interconnected chain
of molecules upward against the force of gravity.
The intermolecular attractions between molecules are being weakened by the
rotationally imposed motions from our microwave transmitters.



The ions and protons in all of life's aqueous electrolyte solutions are being affected
by the motion now being imposed by our wireless interconnectivities.They are being thrashed,trashed and bashed about -altering their allegiance to the
earth's natural electrical field pointing to the heavans
.... and all within .....


This can reduce and interfere with the process of -TRANSCRIPTION-and stress and weaken the circulation and turgor pressure to and within the plant cells
which can lead to wilting or dying.




We are now living within a microwave techno toaster.
We are constantly being micro-fried.......more
We are having an electro frying experience.
Our brain cells are relentlessly being
.. micro
- sauteed, smoked, scrambled

There is a property of matter known as piezoelectricity.
Certain atomic crystal structures will expand or contract
when under the influence of a changing electromagnetic field.......

Quartz- or crystaline silica-is one that has been used to advantage in the electronics industry.
Sand is composed of quartz grains and is one of the most plentiful
materials on the earth.
The crust of the earth is mostly quartz!
It is utilized in concrete,mortar,and glass. to name a few.It is also present
in the dust- life breathes in our atmosphere.Microwaves have been used to break rock.




The electromagnetic field fluctuations can create biologicaly detrimental
ultrasonic sound pressure vibrations.


Bone, teeth and the exoskeletons of insects ..and FUNGI
are known to have piezoelectric properties
... and plants utilise crystals within their cells.

----------------------They are all electro sensitive



are electro sensitive to




Crystals found in the the pineal gland
of invertebrate brains are piezoelectric

These towers have the potential and a probability to alter the natural health and
to genetically modify
children's future

-as well as all the other cellular life forms.
We have been forced to live in an environment we were not designed for by the hundreds of millions of years of our evolution and to participate in an experiment for the short term benefit of those profiting from this

insult to Mother Nature









Scientific minds the world over have been telling us this has grave ramifications for the future.


Our global village is being electromagnetically poisoned 24 hours a day.

    Our political minds would sooner sacrifise the health of all
in support of the wealth created by the industry responsible.

These towers generate and radiate electromagnetic energy.
They create electromagnetic forces

  We are being micro--poked, zapped and jabbed millions of times a second by the pulsed bits and bytes of these
electromagnetic forces......



Electromagnetic energy creates force at a distance
Attraction and repulsion alternating millions of times a second.


For every force there is a reaction.

They are interacting ---interfering with all matter at the atomic level.
Every atom on the surface of the industrialized planet is now being shaken by all of this.
This creates disorder and destabilises the natural electromagnetic balance in living organisms.
*****The MICRO foundation of life is being shaken.----stressed and strained.
Natural & manmade chemistry and the states of matter are being
micro-disturbed by this human created energy .



.....To protect Mother Nature from human nature!

It is a criminal offence to injure someone with the use of force.

Government and industry have a duty of care to protect all its citizens and the
environment they depend on for their health and well-being!

This information should be in the mailbox of every politician in the world.

If you can help do this please do!

This site will be updated as information becomes available.